Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Jan. 1, 2010
Our Eve was peaceful and very tasty. Dan did his Crab Legs. I fixed loaded baked potatoes and made some drawn butter. Yummo!!! Champagne toast and Pineapple Upside Down Cake!! Does it get any better? Not for us. We watched the countdown they broadcasted live from the strip. I was curious how the County could spend ½ million bucks on seven minutes of fireworks. Well they found a way. Could the money have been spent for other needed things for Clark County? YES! But you know sometimes we need a diversion. A little treat. And with the response from the crowds, this was on target. What really impressed me was the way they organized the set up and clean up. So I give Vegas a score of 9 out of 10. They would have gotten a 10 if we could have seen them from our window. But hey we saw the smoke. And then there was the show on TV. So all in all I believe our first New Years Eve in Vegas was a big success.
New Year’s day has been so much fun for us. Football, football, football. First Florida State and Coach Bobby Bowden’s last game of his career with Florida State. And a win!! Whata way to go out!! Then my Bucks won the Rose Bowl!! I can still smell those roses. Go Bucks!! And now we are watching the Florida Gators. And they are ahead. Of course we had to have nourishment. (I planned ahead just in case I might be depressed and unable to cook.) Shame on me. We started out with wine cheese balls, crackers and assorted olives. Next I fixed Bacon, cheeseburger sliders with homemade potato chips. And you gotta have chicken wings with the game right? My favorite overnight blue cheese dip and crisp carrots and celery finished the selection for a 15 hour grazing football day. I will serve some tiny bite size cheese cake filled stuffed puff pastries with a cherry topping. Now that should put us in a coma. Sounds like a lot but we will munch on this for the weekend and allow me to not cook for that time. Ya! Hoo!
We hope you enjoyed your day half as much as we have.
Until next time Ciao! My friends

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