Friday, May 14, 2010

Q&A Picky Eaters-Inconsistent Eaters

Question: How do you handle a picky eater?
Answer: Let them do the cooking.
Sometimes it’s best to put picky in the kitchen and allow them to create the menu, prepare, cook and serve. Then if they get the complaints, they may then understand how important it is to respect the one that is cooking for them. Unless you are served something you could break out in hives from, or something that is so far outside your comfort zone, (like snake) then the best thing to do is eat what is served and be appreciate of the one who makes the effort to cook for you. It’s a matter of respect. I do believe one can voice their opinion on likes and dislikes and the cook needs to appreciate that as well.
Then I got this question.
Question: How do you handle an inconsistent eater?
There is nothing more frustrating than someone who eats a dish you served three weeks earlier then served four weeks later and suddenly they hate it. There isn’t a lot you can do about that. You can remind them the recipe hasn’t changed from the last time, but you are probably going to get an argument. My only answer for this is to stop making it for that particular eater. Save it for those who remember what they ate and respect the cook, to know what their recipes are. Sorry “eater” I side with the chef in this situation. The experienced chef or cook is more consistent with what they prepare, then with the eater who may or may not remember what they ate yesterday much let alone three weeks earlier, not to mention what ingredients were in the dish. Maybe there is more going on here than the food, but that’s a whole “nother” issue. In that case they both lose.
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