Friday, April 16, 2010

After much contemplation, I have decided to add a separate blog that focuses on Astrology and other such Spiritual thoughts.  I didn’t want to turn off anyone from my Recipes and food because they didn’t agree with my Spiritual Views.  While I truly believe one needs to have heart, love and spirit in order to create great meals, some do not agree. So Sandi’s Pantry will strictly be about what’s in the pantry, household products, restaurant, garden and craft reviews. No I have not channeled Martha Stewart (she is the queen of all homey things, and I honor her) but I will stick to what I know and have tested. Some posts you will like, some you will not, but hey please try the recipes as it reads, then add your own spin the second time around.  And feel free to share your ideas with me, anytime.  And remember  I appreciate you.
Now if you soul wants a bit more Spiritual insight, please visit Sandis Spirit, on the right side of the blog,  there you will find a bit of Astrology, Philosophy’s, Prophesies,  a  few Scientific facts about the state of our planet and a 2012 countdown which is uplifting not depressing. And some favorite quotes of mine.
  I send love and peace to you all, and heartfelt thanks for blogging in.

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