Monday, March 22, 2010

What a wonderful weekend in San Diego. And as the stars predicted this weekend (March 19-21) was just as it should have been. On Friday evening we were able to catch up with friends we haven’t seen since August. One very close friend’s husband passed away in the past few months and we were so happy to see her. Time heals and her heart is beginning to mend. Her faith and spirituality has never failed her, and her family lifted her up so she could face this most difficult time. We love you Nancy.
Another friend unknowingly has helped me in a way she probably didn’t intend to, but I thank her as well. I have drifted a bit from my connection with Astrology and other spiritual study’s, so after we discussed our opposing views I found a renewed desire to study and get more involved so I could once again be a channel to others who have a desire to keep evolving, about what the Universe has so graciously shared with me. (I know Trish and John will be happy to hear this) I actually came home and did some work on my Astrology chart, as well as Dan’s and wow it really was on track. So, thank you again my friend. (Remember we can disagree and still respect one another’s views.)
Saturday!! After a year of secretly planning, my fantastic, loving, wonderful friend Anne pulled off the surprise of the decade. She actually surprised her hubby with a great party. All of her hubby’s friends came from near and far to celebrate his wonderful year. From the decorations, food, service, and restaurant the event was fantastic. (I think we could have done without the car wreck and the runaway car that created that car wreck mess. But hey that was the entertainment for the evening! Lol!)

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