Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you, Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver traveled from England to Huntington West Virginia, to help children and families change their eating habits. My father and his family were born and raised in this wonderful place. However Jamie was spot on. The food situation in this town has never changed. They ate biscuits, gravy, fried potatoes, creamed tomatoes etc. What has changed is that the residents are no longer working in the fields, mines or any hard labor as my father did. Daddy was slim because he worked 18 hours of hard labor every day, and worked off those calories. Most family’s had their own gardens and when they cooked, it was fresh with no preservatives of any kind. Over time the gardens dried up. Processed food found the way into kitchens and they became less interested in cooking or growing their own produce. When Jamie asked the children in their class room what vegetable he was holding up, they didn’t know. Sniff! Fast food they knew. Sniff! Sniff! Jamie came to Huntington to help with his love for our well being.
Thank you, Jamie. My dad would be so proud.

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