Thursday, June 2, 2011

June, 2011

Well it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, mainly due to some personal issues. However after 10 years we finally were able to take a vacation. Below you will see some pictures we took and wanted to share with you.
We arrived in Long Beach the day before we were to leave on the Carnival Paradise Cruise Line. We stayed the night on The Queen Mary. As you can see, it had many different movie stars who cruised on The Queen Mary when the ship was sailing. We had a wonderful time and the suite we had was most likely one of the most expensive in it’s day. There was no balcony’s but portholes. They have refurbished the ship and added wonderful restaurants and a great lounge with entertainment. We ate in the Chelsea Chowder House. (D) had the fish sandwich and loved it. I had the Clam Chowder. It was the best Chowder I’ve had on the West Coast. I complimented the Chef. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
It was nice being next door to our ship. We simply walked off one ship and were able to VIP board on the other. I am now spoiled. If we cruise again, we will only go VIP and have a balcony. Since we probably will not cruise again for a while it is nice to dream. We are dreaming of a Hawaii Cruise.
The cruise was four days and very nice. It’s nice to be given something like this. We left out of Long Beach CA and sailed to Catalina Island. Well let’s say we were supposed to go to Catalina Island but due to bad weather we weren’t able to dock. So we cruised to Esenada, Mexico a day early. I didn’t leave the ship as I was very happy just enjoying the stateroom and the ship. ( D) on the other hand did some exploring. The weather was still pretty gloomy with rain and fog. But it did not dampen our spirits. One of the most exciting events on this cruise was to have dinner at the Chef’s table. We took some pictures of what was served however this is just a few of the great dishes we were served. We started out with a tour of the galley where we had champagne and appetizers. Then one of our table mates was celebrating their 26 anniversary so she elected to make one of the desserts we enjoyed with dinner. I have included the recipe for the chocolate cake and think you will enjoy it. I have also included the Menu Items we were served. And there was an endless amount of wine which was paired with our different courses.
Our Executive Chef Agnelo D’Souza :
Ahi Tuna Tartar, Wasabi Crisp
Duck Pot Sticker-Steak Taco
Avocado Cheesecake
Beef Carpaccio (Parmigiano, Condensed Tomato, Balsamico Gelee)
Fried Calamari (Charred Lime and Lemon Preserve)
Fire Roasted Tomato and Poblano Chili Bisque (Grilled Corn, Cilantro Drizzle)
Chopped Mediterranean Salad (Shaved Pumpkin, Feta Cheese Crumble)
Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass (Wine Stewed Shallots and Chives Vinaigrette, Leeks Emulsion, Peas Risotto)
Aged Filet Mignon (Onion Streusel, Homemade Three Pepper Mustard)
A Special Made Chocolate Melting Cake
Special Surprise From The Chef.
Banana Cake Bite With Spun Sugar
Melting Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Chocolate Truffle Topped with Strips of Vanilla Fudge
Thank heavens this was the last night of our cruise, because after all this food we almost needed to be carried to our suite. We didn’t eat until the next evening. 

This was the top Suite when The Queen sailed. 
Things sure have changed.

Our ship the Paradise.

All Aboard!

Melon Bisque.

This was so good.

Our Steward was so talented. Every night a new towel animal for us to enjoy.  Ducky!

Dumbo the Elephant.

The Hanging Monkey.

The Chef's Table. (D) and I are front right. Yes I'm hiding.

Fried Calamari.

Chilean Sea Bass.


A Heart with Chocolates for our last night. We loved this cruise.

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