Friday, July 9, 2010

Renewal WOW one week after;

Now that I am recovering from the Renewal Vow weekend, D and I are taking some well earned time off from everything. The weekend was all I could have asked for. From the Chapel to the 6’3 or taller Elvis that gave me away, sang to us and preformed that great ceremony. I believe we all had a great time.
On returning home, we enjoyed the fiddles, and grazed through what seemed like buffet in one of the Hotels on the strip. But while it seemed like too much food actually we ate it for a couple more days and through less away than I first thought. I enjoyed making each dish and wouldn’t have changed anything. Did I need it all? No. Did I want it all? Yes. So the “renewal” bride had it her way. I will post pictures here when we get them. And over the next few weeks I plan to post the recipes, tips and ideas I used.
As most of you know, the weather has been outrageously hot. We weren’t able to enjoy the outside as much as I would have liked but we sure did enjoy the air conditioner.
I haven’t even attempted to cook this last week. Last night we enjoyed our spa, and had my only indulgence in fast food. KFC. Extra Crispy of course. We even ate at Tony Roma’s which was on Wednesday. By the way it was not good. The waiter was over worked which then slid down hill to the service being pretty bad. We spoke to the manager and I suggested she keep a back up waiter or at least someone to assist him. Her logic was cut backs. I think my logic trumped hers. (Vegas baby) With the saving’s of one hour’s wages (min. 5 something) she lost two customers that just spent 50 dollars. We made sure that our server knew we were not complaining about him and left.
Tonight is burger and cheese fries at Al’s Garage. We will finish off the weekend with birthday coupons from restaurants we seldom visit. Signing up for some favorite restaurants will get you free appetizers, entrees, desserts or drinks.
Monday begins diet and exercise plans. I have a goal, but hesitate in sharing knowing when I do may come back to bite me. So I will report weekly on my success.
That does it for this week. Have a great weekend.

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