Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long and Slow

Thought you might be interested in a couple of new items some of the most popular chain restaurants have added to their menus. I have always believed the only way to cook is long and slow. Anyone who knows my style, also knows I’m not a fan of the microwave, I am a fan of the slow cooker, (crock pot) so when I read about a couple of restaurants we visit now and then, have added a couple new items that are slow roasted.
The first is of course my favorite fast (now slow) food treat “KFC” who rolled out their slow roasted grilled chicken breast. Seems they have been working on their newly added grilled chicken for a while now and the result is spot on.  Not only a blend of 6 secret spices, they developed and patented an oven that the chicken is placed on a grill plate and slow roasted. The end result is quite amazing. 0 Trans fat and half the calories well for a healthy alternative you might want to give this option a try. When we were in San Diego, CA I pined for their green beans. It is the flavor I love so much. When they stopped serving them well it was a sad day when I indulged in this sinful treat. Yes I know some of you think chocolate is a treat, but I would rather chew through an extra crispy chicken breast anytime. Now that we are in Las Vegas, the green beans are back. Dan is not a fan, he prefers my crisp tender recipe. But those KFC green beans are addictive.
The second Restaurant Chain that is going long and slow as well is The Outback Steakhouse.  Sweet Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin. They slow roast the pork in apricot jam then top it off with crushed corn flakes. Now I haven’t tasted this dish but it sounds interesting. I haven’t had corn flakes since elementary school, but like I always say try something you haven’t tasted before at least two times before writing it off. Now before you run out to the closest Outback salivating for this Roasted Tenderloin, they told me it’s based on availability only.  Ciao!

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