Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best of the Best

Hey everyone, I wanted to post a few recipes this week, but I am unable to. I am in a crunch to get everything done for our family who will arrive this weekend. We are so excited. D’s brother Dave is coming with his wife. We haven’t seen family for five years so you can just imagine our happiness they are coming for a week. I am so fortunate I have a hubby who shares the responsibility of house and home. I do the cooking and he does most of the cleaning when we plan an event. Whata great guy. Our family will be arriving on Saturday. And let’s be real, Vegas on any Holiday, much let alone Memorial Day is crazy. So I decided to cook for them for the first three days. Saturday is my famous “Sunday Gravy with Homemade Meatballs and Italian Sausage.” Sunday, is all about Burgers, Dogs and Beans on the grill. Monday well it just has to be BBQ Chicken and Fresh Corn on the Grill.
I have also gotten “back on the horse, so to speak”, I was going through some recipes and found my winning recipes, from many moon’s ago of course. Not huge wins, non the less wins. Well one was pretty big. QVC First Place for my Banana Split Cheesecake, yep you may see it everywhere, but it’s mine and well documented on tape and in their Best of the Best Cookbook.
With that trip down memory lane, I decided I actually do know what I am doing most of the time and decided to start entering again. We shall see. I will make those past winners and post on here as I have their permission. You may or may not know once you enter your recipe, you give up the rights, and need permission to publish it. Back then I didn’t take pictures, (silly me) so I have this project in the works to share with you.
If I don’t get back here until next week, please have a safe and wonderful weekend.

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