Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Trivia, Party Manners and Quote of the day

It’s Super Bowl time. Doesn’t seem possible it is tomorrow.
Thought you might like some trivia from Vegas, as reported in the LV Review-Journal.
28,000 people are visiting here this weekend.
This is a 13.5 % increase from last year’s attendance.
The non gaming impact from all these visitor’s are expected to be up 2.4 % adding $89.7 million to the economy in Vegas.
All the strip hotels are sold out.
The Super Bowl is the biggest event in Vegas for the year.
Because of NFL’s stance against sports betting, the league has threatened legal action against casinos that use the Super Bowl name.
Casinos are not allowed to charge a fee for customers who want to watch the game in their ball room and/or showrooms.
Party Manners;
So it is party time here in Vegas. However Dan and I will be staying at home. The weather is terrible. We have had rain for the last 24 hours and expect more tomorrow. We will be sharing a pizza from our favorite place (see restaurant review) No dishes, no cleanup. Yeah! Which brings me to one of my all time gripes about being a guest at someone’s home? If you’re throwing a party or have invited guest to your home please make sure you spend that time with your guests. If you serve food, clean up later. No one wants to be invited to someone’s home only to end up watching the host or hostess stay in the kitchen doing the dishes. As the host or hostess if you can’t wait to clean up then hire someone to do it for you or have the respect to wait until your guest have gone home. And as a guest if you are asked not to help clean up, respect your host or hostess wishes.

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